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A collection of useful links including places to buy parts, kits, and tools. Useful web sites, blogs and reference material are also included here. Let us know if you have a link that should be included. If its a link to your own site, state whether or not you will place a link back to our site. Its not a requirement to have a link back to uCHobby, but it will have bearing on how we evaluate your link request.

Links here are confirmed. We only link to sites that we actually check out and feel are relevant. If you see something wrong, its likely we have been duped. Please let us know ASAP. We can not endorse any of the items sold via these sites. We might have a review of specific products or services at the sight however. Look for a link to the review link in the list.

If you are a product provider and want uCHobby to do a review, contact us. We usually expect a sample item which we keep and use in a project. There are some advertising opportunities but those usually involve giving away some of your product to our visitors with some kind of contest. uCHobby is not accepting paid for advertising at this time. We do use Google AdSense to help supplement the cost of running the site however.

This is a new page and will expand as we have time to update.


  • VoltLog
    Great site and awesome youtube channel.  I love watching Florin unpack goodies.
  • The Ramblings of a Crazy Man
    Run by Eric Wolf, an awesome friend, a ham nut and Linux Administration rock star. (he is not crazy!)
    Awesome hacking sight. Mostly about hardware hacking or neat software tricks.
  • Nolebotic
    Lots of robotic projects.
  • HackedGadgets
    ust like the name says, lots of articles about hacking gadgets.
  • Makezine
    From Make Magazine. A collection of interesting maker related articles from all over the web.
  • Just DIY Project Blog
    More interesting projects.
  • VSDEV Wiki
    Project wiki with lots of pictures, and videos. I’ve not explored this site recently but it looks like a great place to visit.
  • GeeksInside
    A community of geeks blogging about their projects
     laser, CNC and mechatronics (robots, motor control) related projects and resources.


    • Sparkfun
      I shop here!  Breakout boards and cool parts to play with.
    • MakerShed
      I shop here!  Kits and cool parts to play with.
    • adafruit
      I shop here!  Kits and cool parts to play with.
    • All Electronics
      I shop here!  Surplus parts, everything from ICs to windshield wiper motors.
    • Diy Drones
      I shop here!  Parts for autonomous vehicles, get the ArduPilotMega here.
    • Wrigth Hobbies
      I shop here!  Robots, kits, and related parts.
    • Electronic Goldmine
      I shop here!  Surplus parts, great deals.
    • MPJA
      I shop here!  Low cost items, I get a lot of my basic tools such as wire cutters and long nose pliers.
    • Saelig
      I shop here!  Nice place for bench equipment and evaluation modules.
    • CircuitSpecialists
      Mostly tools and related items.


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  1. Jorcy says

    EasyEDA is a free, zero-install EDA tool integrates powerful schematic capture, mixed-mode circuit simulation and PCB layout in a seamless cross-platform browser environment. you could run it on windows , mac , linux or android platform, as long as there is one browser on the OS and connecting to network. You can draw schematics quickly using the available libraries on browser.
    Why not try this free tool and then it will bring you unique and easier EDA experience.

  2. digipart says

    I love your site and check it often. Could I humbly ask you to add our site in this page. The site is about electronic component search. – search for electronic component inventory.

  3. admin says

    @ElectroNick, your site is awesome, of course you can plug your blog. I will add your link to the list. I hope you will do the same on your end.

  4. ElectroNick says

    Can I shamelessly plug my own blog for this great list? has mostly laser, CNC and mechatronics (robots, motor control) related projects and resources.


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