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How-To: Work Surface

In a few steps, a recycled Tower PC case cover is converted into an excellent working surface. This surface will protect your desk or counter top from solder splashes and scratches. Since the plate is made of steel, you can mount tools or use magnets to hold things in place.

What you need:     

  • Tower PC cover.
  • Cardboard large enough to cover bottom of PC cover.
  • Optional, piece of packing foam pad large enough to cover PC cover.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hammer
Flatten the Cover:     

Using the hammer, flatten the bent metal thingies on the back side of the cover. You do not have to get them totally flat as the cardboard will help smooth things out.

I left the original 90 bend where the screws attached the cover so I could screw it to my desk. This is up to you.

The paint on these covers is very hard and will likely stay in place even with all the pounding. Find something appropriate to pound the plate against. I used a piece of wood.

You want the paint in tact as this will form an insulator which is important for electronics projects.

Attach Cardboard:     

Using the cover as a guide, find and cut a piece of cardboard to fit the cover then hot glue it in place.

The cardboard does not have to be solid. I used a piece that has folds and cuts.

You could add another sheet of cardboard, foam sheet, or call it done at this point.

Attach foam sheet pad:     

To add that extra bit of protection why not add a foam sheet pad. These pads are often found protecting the electronics in shipping boxes. This pad was in the box I cut up to make the cardboard piece.

Just hot glue it to the cardboard.

The completed Product:     

The cardboard and foam will protect your table top from solder splashes, heat, and scratches.

The painted surface is non-conductive to protect your electronics.

You can cut holes and mount tools or use magnets to hold things in place.

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