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ServoGauge Proto

Simple gauge for your Arduino projects. Add your own scale and hook a single PWM pin and you have a easy to read display or your data.



  • Easy to interface, servo based
  • Attractive Laser Cut Acrylic
  • Custom Scales
  • Uses a single Digital output (PWM)



Easy to Interface
Connect +5 and ground then one PWM output pin to the gauge’s servo. Use AnalogWrite in your Arduino code. It’s that simple.  For better control use the Arduino Servo Library, see the example code below.

Attractive Laser Cut Acrylic

PartsPileThe servo gage is made from flat acrylic which is cut by a laser. The cut files are open source so you can cut your own if you have access to a laser cutter. I used Corel Draw and a laser cutter from my local TechShop to do the design.

Here you see the parts pile, all of the parts shown are included in the kit you can order below.

1/8 acrylic is cut into 5 pieces, the front and back, two stands, and a needle. The needle is Red acrylic. Also shown are some mounting screws and the micro servo used to drive the needle. An example scale is shown as well.

The bag of servo parts is shown and is included in the package but they are not used in the gauge. They come with the servo so we include them in the shipment. Useful if you decide to repurpose the servo.

Back A rear shot showing the stands and the micro servo. Notice the circular cutouts on the top and sides of the acrylic back. These cutouts make it easy to move the paper scale into place between the front and back pieces.





Custom Scales
GaugeScaleSamplesThe big idea is that you can easily make a scale for your gage that is exactly what you need in your project. Use the samples liked below as a staring point.  Here are a few examples.  Note that you don’t have to just show a numeric value. Your gage can have icons for states as well, or a combination.

Custom scales are 3×5 inches, same a an index card.

Purchase the ServoGauge Proto for $20
Don’t have a laser cutter and don’t want to hunt down all these parts? We’ve put all this together for $20 which is not much more then it would cost you to get a micro servo.


Order One for your Lab

For $20 + shipping and handling, which is $4 for the US.  We have not sorted out how to charge for international shipping yet.  So really it’s $24 if you are in the US. For that you get all the cut acrylic, the servo, some sample scales, and mounting screws. All the parts you need, not including the Arduino…

To order, use these Paypal buttons.  Note Texas has it’s own… If you are in Texas I have to charge $1.65 for sales tax.

Texas: $25.65 Total


For USA, not Texas: $24.00 total

Outside the USA, contact me by email,, use servoGauge in the subject.

Even More…
This is the fist time I’ve tried to sell something at uCHobby using the web and Paypal. I’m sure to be doing something wrong but I’m giving it a shot. I would love any advice, use the comments or email me.

After I collect a few orders I will make a build, you should not have to wait long and I will let you know in an email, assuming I get one with the Paypal process.

I plan to put this up on the Tindie site as well. Just getting started here.

I sell on Tindie

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